HITS Daily Double


Nov. 10 will see the publication of the ninth (NINTH!) edition of Don Passman's authoritative All You Need to Know About the Music Business. The latest iteration of the legal icon's definitive guide to the biz (a true "industry bible," and we say that without irony) offers updated info and advice about digital rights, streaming revenue, deals in the digital era and the new challenges and opportunities facing songwriters in these changing times.

The tome, published by Simon & Schuster, has been praised by Jimmy Iovine, Mo Ostin, Rick Rubin, Katy Perry, Tom Waits, Adam Levine and virtually everyone else with skin in the game, and has made it onto countless biz-class syllabi. The new edition is a perfect holiday gift for that person you know who could really use a refresher course.

Don will probably not be adding our endorsement to his quote sheet.