HITS Daily Double


Adele keeps breaking records. In three days, “Hello” has sold more than 750k across all platforms and could possibly finish the week with 1 million-plus. That follows the single’s new one-day record of 400k-plus.

Per label sources, "Hello" also set the single-day U.S. streaming record on Saturday with a whopping 2.3m total streams. The previous record-holder was Columbia labelmate One Direction’s “Drag Me Down,” with 1.8m U.S. in its first day. And it's not like Adele is driving fans to Spotify and Apple Music to get those numbers, as Bieber and 1D have done. Indeed, she's not doing anything—it's happening organically.

As for the album, 25 (due out 11/20), preorders across all platforms are over 200k after three days—and that is one helluva fast clip.

Meanwhile, the video has surpassed 70m views; it's also the new Vevo one-day record holder, delivering 27m-plus views in its first 24 hours. Adele takes over first place from Taylor Swift, whose “Bad Blood” clip notched 20.1m views on 5/17.

That is some brand she's built.

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