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Singhvi Steps Into Leadership Role; Cluelessness Abounds

Twitter has been a legitimately powerful platform for discovery, and its roots are in music—after all, it was SXSW in 2007 that helped the fledgling service gain real traction.

But the company itself has been completely unable to connect the dots with their own music strategies, and in the past have even been straight-up hustled by the industry—that’s because they don’t understand how the music business works OR who the real players actually are. Since they formed #TwitterMusic in 2012, the Twitter Heads of Music have rolled with a frequency on Game of Thrones. First Tatiana Simonian. Then recruiting Bob Moczydlowsky from Topspin, who thought teaming up with Lyor Cohen in his 300 Entertainment phase of no-influence-whatsoever-anywhere with a "data exchange", was going to actually find bankable new artists? 😂😩😭

Cohen took the money and ran. And Twitter took Moczydlowsky's head.

Now Twitter has anointed a new techie to take the throne, but have managed to still not get the memo, moving their U.K. head of entertainment partnerships Sunil Singhvi to the U.S. and demoting him to "Director" of Music.

When you factor in the reality that co-founder Jack Dorsey just endorsed Tidal, the levels of "not getting it" when it comes to the music business appears to be quite pervasive at Twitter. Forgive them; they know not what they do.