HITS Daily Double


Or Was That a Belly Flop?

Team Jay Z chose the first half-hour of The Voice to make their prime-time mainstream play with was a 120-second spot containing documentary-style footage of today's highlights, the vibe very much like the Magna Carta announcement during the 2013 NBA Finals, though this one was more star-studded. Those are the facts; we’re still trying to process the principals’ intent or what the reaction will be. At the very least, the spot should arouse the public’s curiosity about what “product” these stars are trying to sell them.

But give Jay Z credit for creating a moment and possibly creating a payday for himself and his patents if he can flip the purchase. Otherwise there may be no end game here. He's certainly got cojones, and he’s a great salesman, for which he gets major points. And as we continually point out, Jay is notorious for leaving very little on the table.