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Katy Perry Premieres Her Prismatic World Tour Movie

Ever wonder what would happen if Katy Perry’s dreams exploded from the subconscious realm and into reality? Well you can see just that in the The Prismatic World Tour movie, which makes its way to a couch near you tomorrow night (3/28) at 8pm EST on Epix. The film, which had its world premiere last night at The Theater at the Ace Hotel in DTLA, follows her concert in Sydney, Australia from start to finish.

I, being told that I was attending an intimate “screening,” found myself gasping for oxygen upon seeing the lengthy red (actually pink) carpet and equally extensive step-and-repeat, hundreds of photographers, bright lights and everything that goes into creating the spectacle that is a WORLD PREMIERE.

I slithered into the venue, head bowed, like a clammy mole-rat creature who just saw the sun for the first time, and made it my mission to find a bar.

Unfortunately, the family-friendly event would not appease my derelict nature. But there was an abundance of free candy, so I got my sugar high on instead.

Crouched in my seat, rotting my teeth with candy-coated, rainbow popcorn, I prepared for showtime.

The flick, two hours in length, is best described as colorful. Like a prism that caught the attention of a desert sun, it’s a light, bright and captivating sight. I sadly missed Katy’s tour, so this was my first time experiencing the magic. As the megastar explains, that was part of the reason she wanted to make the movie. Many of the dates were sold out, so this way you can have a front-row ticket in your living room.

Be prepared to explore all seven worlds featured in the tour, including a CATS-esque routine, a wholesome land of butterflies, the pyramids of Egypt and more. There’s a whole lotta kittens, pizza, #selfies, sparklers and in-flight acrobatics, so I’m 99% sure you’ll be entertained unless your inner child is completely dead.

Oh, and let's not forget the dizzying abundance of hits. I really forgot just how many smash songs this otherworldly pop diva has until I sat there from start to finish.

It’s worth noting that Katy was extremely hands-on in the making and editing of the movie. After all, she could be making notes for the DVD from her seat in the audience, surrounded by label luminaries Steve Barnett, Greg Thompson, Michelle Jubelirer, Robbie McIntosh, Dennis Reese and more.

After the showing, Capitol’s Empress of Pop appeared for an exclusive Q&A with Extra’s Mario Lopez, which will air after the film tomorrow. So, if you were hoping for the same BTS aspect and personal dialogue that was present in Part of Me, you can get a satiating taste there. I mean, how could you go on without knowing which of her hair colors has been her absolute fave? Better tune in to find out.

Yes, I’m both a #katycat and a #henchhipster, and you can go read some Nietzsche and listen to The Jesus and Mary Chain until you contemplate yourself into extinction if you have an unwarranted opinion on that. Now, watch the trailer below and get ready for a teenage (or childhood) dream.