HITS Daily Double
Republic's truly wielding the whip just now, with three of the top four albums on both charts.


Magic From Dragons; Determination From Drake

The smoke rises as things heat up for KidInAKorner/Interscope’s Imagine Dragons. Their sophomore full-length, Smoke + Mirrors, is the clear winner on the HITS Building Album Sales Chart, coming in at #1 with 170k.

On the Sales Plus Streaming (SPS) Chart, however, the race was a squeaker, as YMCMB/Republic’s Drake, who earned 129k on the album side, climbs to 186k, while Dragons finished with 194k.

And FYI, their debut release, 2012's Night Visions, sees a strong correlated bump, re-entering the Building Album Chart at #25 and leaping #46-19 for SPS.

On both charts, Republic’s Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack holds the #3 spot, earning nearly 50k more at SPS due to a star-studded tracklist that includes hits from Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd, AWOLNATION, Beyonce and more. Republic's truly wielding the whip just now, with three of the top four albums on both charts.

The only debut in the Top 15, aside from the chart-topper, belongs to BIG label's Aaron Watson who landed at #8 with 26k.

Republic's Ariana Grande sees a #36-18 difference between Albums and SPS, thanks to three strong-selling singles. Ballad "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" was of course highlighted at The Grammys. "Problem," "Love Me Harder," "The Way," "One Last Time," "Bang Bang" and "Break Free" got big looks later at her NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show.

RCA's Mark Ronson continues to be the biggest beneficiary of the SPS rundown, as "Uptown Funk" powers Uptown Special all the way to #12 when streaming and singles sales are included.

Streeting this week are albums from Warner Bros.' Kid Rock and G.O.O.D./Def Jam's Big Sean. Depending on what happens with Drake and Fifty Shades, there could be a tight race between 2-4 titles for the top spot on SPS. Also arriving: Warner Music's many-splendored reissue of Led Zeppelin's immortal Physical Graffiti, which should prompt a tight race for the bong.

By the by, it's worth mentioning that we'll be debuting a combined Album Sales/SPS chart in our print publication, turning the chart into a two-page spread and thus cruelly destroying twice as many trees.