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EMI suing Zaptunes

BEATLES FOR SALE—CHEAP: In a developing story, EMI is “already drafting the legal paperwork” against S.F.-based online retail upstart Zaptunes.com, which is offering unlimited MP3s for $25 a month, Digital Music News reported this morning. "We have negotiated with the top label companies to let us offer unlimited downloads to our members in exchange for a loyalty management," the company claimed. "With this unique offer, most of the label companies felt it hard to turn down our initiative." The entire Beatles catalog is available, suggesting that Zaptunes has better negotiators than Apple, Amazon and Microsoft combined, the DMN item jokes. Zaptunes is offering a free 30-day trial to customers who provide their credit card info. "Right now we are unable to provide further details about the licenses," a Zaptunes representative told DMN. An EMI rep was not able to immediately confirm the story. (8/31a)