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Comedy at Terra-Citi trial

BIG LOVE: N.Y. Times DealBook reporter Peter Lattmamn continues to treat the Terra Firma-Citigroup trial high comedy. In his wrap-up of Monday’s session, which climaxed with Citi’s David Wormsley being questioned by Terra’s lead attorney, David Boies, Lattman quotes Judge Jed Rakoff explaining to the jury that a “hostile witness just means a person who’s on the other side. It doesn’t mean literally hostile.” The reporter then breaks out a series of emails introduced by Boies in order to demonstrate just how hard Wormsley and Citi worked to woo Guy Hands. He writes that Boies, along with the rest of the courtroom, clearly got a kick out of this one: “For reasons I won’t go into, we have to show big love to Terra Firma. To that end, it would be very helpful if you had an hour in London next week to sit down and meet with the Terra Firma team and hear their story.” Wormsley sent it to Julian Mylchreest, a former senior Citigroup banker, in November 2006. (10/26a)