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The Wedding: fact vs. fiction

MARRIED BY THE MAHARISHI? UM, NO: EMI may have the smallest marketshare of the Big Four, but the company is way out in front this fall in generating headlines. While the news media concentrates on The Trial, celebrity journalists are salivating over The Wedding. The latest installment of People.com’s breathless coverage, posted this morning, is headlined, “Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Wedding: Fact Vs. Fiction.” In the text, we’re informed about which of the myriad rumors floating around last weekend’s nuptials in India are pure fabrications. For example, Brand did not buy Katy a tiger named Machli, which means fish. The festivities did not extend for six days, although the couple did spoil their guests with music, performances and safaris. Brand and Perry landed in India on Wednesday and were spotted again at the airport on Monday. Also bogus: a third rumor claimed there was an investigation by local authorities into noise pollution caused by the wedding party. There was no such investigation launched and no reports of any such disruption caused by the wedding. Hard-hitting stuff, eh? (10/26a)