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MySpace redesign

’SPACE ODYSSEY: During the next month or so, MySpace will incrementally unveil a dramatically improved redesign, as the long-running social network attempts to reinvent itself as an entertainment hub. President Mike Jones acknowledged in a MediaWeek interview that MySpace had long suffered from what he called "design debt"—i.e. an accumulation of different looks and incompatible functionalities. So rather than undertake a simple redesign, Jones and his team elected to completely rebuild the site "from the ground up. This is something we can now build upon." He added that MySpace is no longer looking to chase Facebook but will instead zero in on 13 to 35 year olds. Similarly, it's no longer attempting to emulate portals like Yahoo by providing users with every bit of information and content they might need. "MySpace had become too broad," said Jones. "We are going niche over broad. We want to focus on a singular need." The site is offering a preview of the new look here. (10/27a)