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Spotify in the U.S.A.

SPOTIFY IS COMING (MAYBE): Hot on the heels of the European-only subscription service’s denial of an Apple takeover comes word that Spotify is "closer than ever" to signing licensing agreements with the Big Four. The tipping point occurred when Spotify offered "big money advances" to the labels, CNET News.com reported. The service, which has drawn raves from the few Yanks who’ve actually played with it, had earmarked its U.S. launch by the end of the year, but negotiations with the labels have dragged on for months prior to this reported movement. According to CNET’s sources, some label execs no longer have faith in ad-supported online services and are skeptical of Spotify's ability to convert subscribers of its free service to a premium tier, an ongoing issue on the other side of the pond. Thus, the majors are looking for big bucks upfront. (10/28p)