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Boies Bashed

BOIES BASHED: There’s plenty of criticism being directed at Terra Firma’s lawyer David Boies for his lackluster performance in court last week, which many observers feel has swung the pendulum over to Citigroup in the N.Y. trial. Closing arguments are expected over the next few days, with a possible outcome by the end of the week. Boies failed to “land a knock-out blow” while cross-examining Citigroup banker David Wormsley, and his own client Guy Hands' testimony had to be postponed for a day while Boies delivered closing arguments in a completely separate case, Lehman Brothers vs. Barclays. The 69-year-old attorney is also involved in the California gay marriage case and is defending Jamie McCourt in her divorce trial against husband and Dodger owner Frank McCourt. Boies’ activity has spurred at least one client lawsuit, by Las Vegas developer Sheldon Gordon, who claims the attorney was too busy and neglected his case. (11/1a)