HITS Daily Double

Bad Doo-Doo

BAD DOO DOO: Word before the weekend was that Citigroup will petition for a motion to dismiss Terra Firma’s case against it this week, a motion that Judge Jed Rakoff is unlikely to grant, according to insiders, given his desire to allow the nine-person jury to make their decision, which is expected by the end of the week. Meanwhile, according to court documents obtained by the N.Y. Post, but not presented in court, Citi Vice Chairman Chad Lead wrote in a March 2009 e-mail, referring to the EMI Music acquisition: "Guy Hands stepped into one of the highest profile piles of doo-doo out there." Terra Firma has claimed that such e-mails are evidence of Citi's attempt to "undermine" the EMI debt negotiations. Citi's attorneys have dismissed Hands as a sore loser after shelling out $6.7 billion for EMI at the worst possible time in 2007. (11/1a)