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MORE SCOOTER: Replying to a question about whether any of the execs who passed on Bieber had expressed regret at a missed opportunity, Braun told Halperin: “Some. Like Barry Weiss' staff turned down Justin, but it never got to Barry. And Barry's like, ‘If it had gotten to me, he would have been mine!’ Then there's people who have rewritten history, who feel like they didn't turn it down when they did. Or they’ll say, ‘Oh no, it was this person, or ‘you signed it before I could do it.’ We all miss some. You never know who's going to be a hit and who's not. You're not going to be right all the time. And everyone has their own priorities. I made Justin my priority, so I lived and breathed it. I knew what it was because I was in it. Someone else, that day they might have been dealing with some other superstar and they didn't have the focus on it that they should have, and rightfully so. So I don't hold any ill will against anyone for saying no to Justin. I'm pretty happy with how things turned out.” (11/23a)