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Vevo vs. MTV: Who Wins?

VEVO VS. MTV: Viacom should look to acquire Vevo if it wants MTV to re-assert its dominance over music and marketing, according to a story in today’s Ad Age by Mike Henry, who says this is the record labels’ chance to regain some value from the video content it first gave away almost 30 years ago when the music channel launched. Henry points out that Vevo has overtaken MTV in monthly viewers and individual views. The two entities are currently battling, with Vevo, representing co-owners UMG and Sony Music, pulling its videos from MTV.com. Concludes Henry: “The marriage will create a premium video property with scale second only to Hulu (which just announced that they will generate $240 million in ad revenue in 2010).” For the full story, click here. (11/23p)