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Google Music launch probably delayed till Q1

CLOUDY SITUATION: It’s unlikely that Google will be able to launch its music service in time for the holiday shopping season, the N.Y. Post reports. Seems the majors are reluctant to wade into untested waters surrounding a digital locker service that would allow listeners to store their music collections and stream them to any device. Google wants to sign wide-ranging deals that give it streaming permission for the locker service alongside rights for a download store tied to its search engine, but the labels are said to be balking at the cloud-based streaming service. "What's been holding things up is that the labels will do downloads, but they need to know more about the locker service, and Google really wants to keep the two together," one senior music source told the Post’s Claire Atkinson. There are also questions about the advertising model for a locker-based service and how artists would be compensated. "All those details have to be sussed out and they [Google] have to get back to us with details," the executive said, adding that "it doesn't look like it will launch in the fourth quarter; more like late first quarter." (11/24a)