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Real unveil Rinse

SMARTER THAN iTUNES? RealNetworks has just introduced a new app designed to "clean" a user's iTunes or other digital music library, fixing song names, deleting duplicate tracks and adding album artwork, GeekWire reported. Dubbed Rinse, the $39 app taps into the Gracenote CDDB database. The official Rinse product site touts the software as “smarter than other programs,” including iTunes itself. The support page explains how it works. The program “needs at least one correctly spelled word from the artist and song names” to work. A free trial, which can be activated on the site, allows you to fix up to 50 tracks--cool. The program is part of Seattle-based Real’s attempt to reinvent itself by providing technologies for managing and distributing digital media—shifting away from being an actual content provider. (4/26a)