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Cuban still prefers cable for video delivery

REMOTE VS. MOUSE: Mark Cuban, who’s made a buck or two off both the Internet and cable TV, said Tuesday that he’s betting on cable to outperform the Net in the video-delivery business, Broadcasting and Cable reports. "I'd rather advertise in a cable programming guide than the Internet," he told a roomful of cable execs at The Independent Show in San Francisco, noting people are buying more TV's than PC's. "The digital side of cable offers more opportunity than the Internet does." Cuban, who always has several irons in the fire, said he has two people working fulltime on a new playoff system for college football that would include a series of conference championship games leading to some sort of a playoff system. "The one thing we know is if it does pass, it's going to be on HDNet," he predicted, referring to his cable network. (7/27a)