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Posthumous Amy LP possible

ANOTHER WINEHOUSE ALBUM? An unnamed “spokesman close to Universal” told The Guardian that Amy Winehouse had laid down the "framework" of around a "dozen" new songs, which could be released posthumously, and that " quite frankly they were really good. We heard rough cuts and they sounded like vintage Amy." Explaining that she’d been recording sporadically for the last two and a half to three years, the source said, "Amy had expressed an interest in getting back into the studio, and after some consultation everyone thought that would be a positive thing and a distraction from the other things she was dealing with. She had put down the bare bones of tracks and some were further along than others." When Winehouse was comfortable with a new track, she would play it for Island U.K. Co-President Darcus Beese and/or UMG ruler Lucian Grainge. In November 2008, speaking at the Music Industry Trust Awards, Grainge told the audience that some new material he had heard sounded "sensational." (7/28a)