HITS Daily Double

Weekend box office

EXTRA-BASE HIT: The Lion King 3D remained tops at the the box office in the second weekend of its two-week run with an estimated $22.1 million. The 1994 animated Disney dropped just 27%—remarkable considering it’s coming out on Blu-ray and DVD in a week. But hot on its heels was the debuting Moneyball, which racked up a strong $20.6 million behind great reviews and Brad Pitt’s considerable star power. That’s the best opening ever for a baseball movie, surpassing 2006's The Benchwarmers ($19.7 million). The reviewers are comparing Moneyball to The Social Network, also from Sony, which opened almost identically to the new film with $22.4 million while also sharing a screenwriter in Aaron Sorkin (who co-wrote Moneyball with Steven Zaillian). Third was the family film Dolphin Tale (Warner Bros.) with $20.3 million, besting the Taylor Lautner star vehicle Abduction (Lionsgate), which took in $11.2 million. Killer Elite was an even bigger disappointment with $9.5 million. It’s the first picture from Open Road Films, a joint venture between the AMC and Regal theater chains.

1. The Lion King 3D — $22.1m
2. Moneyball — $20.6m
3. Dolphin Tale — $20.3m
4. Abduction — $11.2m
5. Killer Elite — $9.5m
6. Contagion — $8.6m
7. Drive — $5.8m
8. The Help — $$4.4m
9. Straw Dogs — $2.1m
10. I Don’t Know How She Does It — $2.1m

Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam 20 did an estimated $89.5k in limited release. (9/26a)