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Pink Floyd Pig on the Tower

PIG FLOYD: Pink Floyd’s pig “Chuck,” the American cousin of “Algie,” is currently perched on the famed Capitol Tower rooftop, promoting this week’s global launch of EMI’s ‘Why Pink Floyd?’ campaign, which began this week with the release of 14 re-mastered albums, a 16-CD boxed collection of the albums, and two expanded editions of Dark Side of the Moon. Don’t expect him there for long, though, as the local fire inspector wrote up the label up for a violation. Ahhh, let Citigroup pay the fine. The roll-out continues Nov. 8 with the release of two expanded editions of Wish You Were Here and a new collection, A Foot in the Door: The Best of Pink Floyd, and the February 28 release of two expanded editions of The Wall. Rumors that Chuck’s next gig will be taking over as Senior Editor of HITS went unconfirmed. (9/30p)