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Adele Fun Facts

ADELE FUN FACTS: Adele is on track to sell up to 6 million copies of her XL/ Columbia album 21 this year, with this week projected to hit as high as 400k. This will be the only time since 2004, and maybe only the second time ever, that the #1 album of the year will sell more than twice as much as the runner-up. Closing with a rush, Reprise crooner Michael Buble's Christmas is projected to hit 2.5 million by the end of the chart year, jumping over Lady Gaga's Born This Way for the #2 spot. In 2004, Usher's Confessions sold 7.98 million with Norah Jones' Feels Like Home landing at #2 by selling 3.84 million. In yet another Adele triumph, all three of her releases, which include her debut album, 19, and DVD release, Live at Royal Albert Hall, are projected to have their best-ever sales weeks. To read our own Roy Trakin’s interview with the lady of the year in music, conducted just before her debut album made her a star, click here. (12/22p)