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Neil and Crazy Horse online jam

WAR HORSE: Saturday morning, a video appeared on http://www.neilyoung.com containing a killer 37-minute Neil Young and Crazy Horse jam session. While the visuals are confined to footage of a recording console, tape machine and other vintage gear shot by a single ever-moving camera, the sounds are mesmerizing, as Neil and his longtime cohorts work their way up to an epic version of "Cortez The Killer," kicking in at around 19 minutes. As rollingstone.com points out, this could be an old recording, but judging by the sound of Young's singing voice, it seems to be new. Young recently revealed that he’s recording new material with Crazy Horse. When asked to describe the sound of the music on his Facebook page, Horse drummer Ralph Molina wrote, "It's different, but Neil Young and Crazy Horse style!" (1/30a)