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Bayroksi Fitz zLaunches

TWO LAWYERS, NO WAITING: Veteran music publishing exec Jason Boyarski and entertainment attorney David Fritz have joined forces to form the new law firm Boyarski Fritz LLP as a full-service entertainment, media and brand-oriented firm featuring such clients as BMG Chrysalis, Marc Anthony, music mogul Charles Koppelman’s CAK Entertainment, recording artist/producer Kevin Rudolf, Emmy winner Ruben Blades, songwriter Tina Parol and marketing firm DXagency, among others. Boyarski was previously SVP/GM of Warner/Chappell Music and co-founder of the integrated marketing agency HeadOverHeels, while spending time at both Universal Music Publishing and BMG Music Publishing. Fritz, the son-in-law of Koppelman, began his career as a lawyer at Grubman Indursky & Schindler P.C. for seven years, where he formed Medalist Entertainment, a joint venture with Alliance Entertainment, which specialized in the creation of compilation albums for such companies as McDonald’s, Hooters, HMV, Fitness Magazine, Walgreen’s and Barnes & Noble, joining Alliance to oversee the acquired company. (3/26p)