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Roadrunner gutted

BLEEP BLEEP: Roadrunner Records owner Warner Music yesterday slashed substantial parts of the label, with complete shutdowns happening in several offices outside of the U.S., Digital Music News reports. According to executives at the label, offices in the UK, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands are closing, with substantial chops also happening in the US. "Everyone's getting let go, including me," one source told DMN. Most roles and backend functions are getting rolled into WMG, though there is talk of skeleton offices or some superficial presence in the various countries, according to the story. Sources also noted that CEO Cees Wessels is also packing his things, and Billboard estimates that 36 are being let go, 16 in the U.S. WMG has been a majority owner for many years, but became the sole owner late last year. Warner has not issued a release on the matter. (4/27a)