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An iTunes revamp coming?

A REMODELED iTUNES? Apple plans a major overhaul of iTunes by the end of the year, Bloomberg reported, citing inside sources. According to the report, Apple will embed iCloud into the iTunes Store to help users keep track of all their files across a range of devices. The iTunes makeover "includes changes to how users find new material and how they access what they already own on different Apple devices," a source told Bloomberg. Also reportedly in the offing is an unspecified music-sharing feature, about which Apple has reportedly been in talks with the labels. This initiative will almost certainly replace, Ping, one of the company’s biggest missteps in recent years, which will likely be abandoned in the next version of iTunes, according to an Appleinsider report two weeks ago. Apple is said to have approached music labels for "more band photos and videos" to add to the store. And regarding the much-rumored launch of an iTunes subscription service, a concept reportedly being pushed by the majors, it ain’t gonna happen, according to a source. (6/28a)