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UK artists sign letter to PM Cameron about piracy

BRITS AGAINST BUCCANEERS: Simon Cowell, Roger Daltrey, Professor Green, Elton John, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Brian May, Robert Plant, Roger Taylor, Tinie Tempah and Pete Townshend have verbalized their concerns about music piracy in an open letter addressed to British Prime Minister David Cameron. In the letter, printed in the Telegraph, the signees call for “broadband providers, search engines and online advertisers [to] play their part in protecting consumers and creators from illegal sites.” To accomplish such a goal, the signees endorse the implementation of “the long-overdue measures in the Digital Economy Act 2010.” The epistle concludes: “We are proud of our cultural heritage and believe that we, and our sector, can play a much bigger role in supporting British growth. To continue to create world-beating creative content, we need a little bit of help from our friends.” (7/26a)