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Box office

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: The aftermath of the Aurora tragedy and Friday night’s massively viewed Olympics opening ceremony combined to hold down receipts on The Dark Knight Rises, though it remained on top and still did relatively good business. But the weekend’s two major debuts, all-star comedy The Watch and the fourth edition of the Step Up Revolution series, opened soft. Here’s the Top 10

1. The Dark Knight Rises (WB) $64m (-60.2%); 4,404 theaters/$14,549 avg.
2. Ice Age: Continental Drift (Fox) $13.3m (-34.9%); 3,869 theaters/$3,438 avg.
3. The Watch ($13m; 3,168 theaters/$4,104 avg.
4. N Step Up Revolution (Summit); $11.8m; 2,567 theaters/$4,597 avg.
5. Ted (Universal); $7.4m (-26.6%); 3,129 theaters/$2,350 avg.
6. 3 The Amazing Spider-Man (Sony) $6.8m (-37.5%); 3,160 theaters/$2,152 avg.
7. Brave (Disney) $4.2m (-29.7%); 2,551 theaters/$1,661 avg.
8. Magic Mike (WB) $2.6m (-39.9%); 2,075 theaters/$1,243 avg.
9. Savages (Universal) $1.8m (-48.4%); 1,414 theaters/$1,240 avg.
10 Moonrise Kingdom (Focus) $1,4m (-24.3%); 853 theaters/$1,626 avg.

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