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Sandy 2

SANDY UPDATE: We're told that travel between the outer boroughs of New York and Manhattan is virtually impossible for the time being, and that if you're in the city you're pretty much stuck where you are — the subways and bus routes are reportedly shut down too, so cabs (if available) and (for the extreme East Coaster) walking are pretty much the only way to get anywhere. Evacuations have been ordered in low-lying "Zone A" (see here for a map); Larry Mestel of Primary Wave reports flooding has already begun on the east side of Manhattan. Atlantic City has been evacuated and is said to be mostly underwater, with shards of its storied boardwalk floating down Atlantic Avenue. The pic seen here comes from Staten Island. Although the "biggest storm of our lifetimes" (as The Weather Channel's Kelly Cass referred to Sandy) is expected to make landfall tonight somewhere between New Jersey and Delaware, its impact is already being felt across the Eastern Seaboard. With 90 mph+ winds causing all manner of havoc, including electrical failures,people have no choice but to hunker down and wait it out. Needless to say, the business is in a holding pattern and any work being done is being done at home. No flights, no concerts, no plays (Broadway will be shuttered through Wed.), no meetings, no nothin'. Stay safe, East Coast peeps, and if you can spare the battery power, please check in with us. (10/29p)