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Berklee College Reissues Its Music Guide to Salaries

HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS: It’s not impossible, according to the Berklee College of Music’s just-released, updated version of Music Careers in Dollars and Cents, its comprehensive directory of salary ranges for U.S. music positions first put out in 2010. Click here to view the complete study. Areas expected to show growth in the future include Mobile Music App Developer, Social Media Manager, Integrated Marketing, Content Acquisition, Audio Advertising Producer, Online Video Music Teacher, and Creative Arts Therapist. In addition to emerging careers, the study covers a broad range of more traditional music-related fields, including orchestral, Broadway, and studio musician—with information on union rates and scales; choir director; arranger; conductor; instrument maker; A&R representative; artist manager; music attorney; live sound; record producer and engineer; audiologist; and music teacher. (11/27a)