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Britney-Will.i.am. vevo

"SHOUT" CAST: VEVO is now showcasing will.i.am f/Britney Spears' "Scream and Shout," which is already whipping scantily clad clubgoers across the globe into a fine froth--and forms the substance of a new Beats by Dre TV spot. Two other Britney clips, "I Wanna Go" and "Til the World Ends," have each attracted 100 million views (and a much higher number if you count each eyeball). You can see Britney accepting her VEVO certification award from three breathless fans here; the superstar's commentary about "Til the World Ends" and thoughts on "I Wanna Go" are also viewable, shareable and embeddable. Need still more Brit? VEVO visitors are invited to peep Ms. Spears' full-length interview, "Britney Spears: On Making Music Videos (Secrets from the Set)." Now will somebody tell this bouncer to let us in? Britney is a close personal friend. (11/29p)