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AEG lawyer: "Ugly stuff" to come

ROUND TWO: AEG's attorney promised "ugly stuff" in its opening arguments of the Michael Jackson wrongful-death civil trial, CNN reports. Lawyer Marvin Putnam says his clients have no choice but to dig into unsavory background about Jackson, including child-molestation accusations and persistent drug use. "Mr. Jackson is a person who was known to doctor shop," Putnam told the cable-news outlet. "He was known to be someone who would tell one doctor one thing and another doctor something else." Squabbling is also underway about the speculated value of Jackson as a touring act, had he lived. Meanwhile, AEG has asked the judge, should it be found liable, to reduce damages against the monies earned by the star's estate from a documentary based on This Is It rehearsals, since it is based on video furnished by AEG. (Jackson family attorney Brian Panish ridiculed this idea prior to his opening arguments.) Here's a question: If the "ugly stuff" is what's coming, how should we describe what's already happened? (4/29p)