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Levine takes heat, Bruno smokes e-cigs

IT’S NOT EASY BEING FAMOUS: Adam Levine took some serious heat after he muttered "I hate this country" Tuesday night on The Voice, apparently unaware that he was on mic. Levine’s over-the-top comment, occasioned by the elimination of contestants Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons, generated a firestorm of slams on his Twitter page. Some called for the singer to be fired from the show; others called for him to be deported. In response, Levine posted a series of definitions of words like "joke," "humorless," and "misunderstand." Somewhere, the Dixie Chicks are having a good laugh… In other celebrity news, the N.Y. Post published an “exclusive” this morning on Bruno Mars taking a stake in electronic cigarette-maker NJOY. Earlier this month, Mars, who was widely criticized for appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone holding a ciggie, tweeted a photo of himself toking on an NJOY, writing “Day 1 E-Cig, Gotta do it!! This is for you mom.”… And now, turning to the latest scuttlebutt on Justin Bieber…on second thought, never mind. (5/30a)