HITS Daily Double

Chris Brown

"I'VE MADE MISTAKES": Chris Brown was charged with hit-and-run and driving without a valid license today in L.A. court in charges stemming from a 5/21 incident during which the RCA star's Range Rover rear-ended another vehicle, the L.A. Times reports. Prosecutors alleged that Brown fled the scene without exchanging information with the other driver, an allegation he vehemently denied on Twitter today. Brown dubbed the whole affair "ridiculous" in one of a stream of tweets, insisted he'd provided adequate info and that his license was up to date, proclaimed that the woman whose car he'd hit was seeking "a payday," and then declared he was trying to be a better person and quoted the Bible. He could face six months in jail if found guilty; he's already on probation for a fairly high-profile battery conviction. In a related story, have you noticed that the word "tweet" tends to take some of the force out of a tirade? (6/25p)