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WHO STARTED IT? According to TheWrap in its subsequent coverage, which contained generous quotes from the emails in question: “Ari started this bitchfest... He emailed Azoff on the 21st in the morning and told the music manager that he had stupidly sold his stock, since Live Nation stock went up. That's how it started. But Emanuel, once a close friend of the Azoffs, has considered it perfidy that CAA hired his son. (Not that Jeffrey Azoff was ever working at or recruited by WME.) We don't know what's gotten into Ari lately. Two weeks ago he launched an elaborate and expensive prank on CAA, papering the Century City mall with wannabe "CAAn't" posters. Agents inside his shop put their heads down, embarrassed. And now he's ignited an unnecessary war with a longtime friend—over what? Over the chance that Irving Azoff picks Ari over his own son? Ari's smart, he knows that that's a losing battle. So yes, it's all pretty juicy and good gossip for the Hollywood grapevine, but we have to wonder: what is up with Ari Emanuel?” It bears noting that Jeffrey Azoff is said to have taken some WME clients when he went to work for CAA. (6/26a)