HITS Daily Double

New-release share

NEW-RELEASE MARKETSHARE: This week’s competition was a bit more heated than usual, as Columbia harnessed J.Cole’s 298k, #2 bow and Daft Punk’s 39k, #6 showing to slip past IDJ and its chart-topping Kanye West (329k). Republic’s diverse combo of Black Sabbath, which moved 48k in week two (with a typical 66% fall-off), Florida Georgia Line (32k), newly crowned Voice champ Danielle Bradbury (18k) and Lil Wayne (9k) combined to make the label a distant #3. The most intriguing entry is Beggars Group, which slipped into the #10 slot behind Matador’s Queens of the Stone Age and XL’s Vampire Weekend, which moved about 12k apiece. Tomorrow, as usual, we’ll break things down by overall with TEA…assuming this new batch of indica from up north doesn’t make us absent-minded. (6/26p)