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Black Friday Record Store Day

VINYL FETISHISTS: Look for the number of vinyl specialty titles to reach 100 or more this fall at Record Store Day’s Black Friday event. Four years ago after three years of spectacular gains at RSD’s spring sale, the idea was broached to give the indies something more on Black Friday so that they could even the playing field a bit on a day that has been traditionally ruled by the big box retailers. At the time the discussion was whether they should limit it to as little as five or ten titles which immediately became 25 or 30. RSD’s April affair this last year boasted some 450 vinyl pieces, all sold one way, and once again broke sales records across the board. Last year’s BF event saw some 75 titles in the mix and now they are looking to up the ante even more. How big can the fall event get? Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the UMPG staff note that classic Blue Note sides from the mid-'60s are especially cool for cleaning weed. (6/28p)