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LAT on JT/Jay Z

PRINT THE LEGENDS: In case you missed it, it seems worth sharing a tidbit or two from Randall Roberts' L.A. Times Blog review of the Justin Timberlake-Jay Z Legends of the Summer spectacular at Pasadena's Rose Bowl. "Few sensations are as impressive as a crowded stadium fully immersed in art," he wrote of the Live Nation presentation, "and voluminous emotions expressed during the Legends concert at times seemed to levitate the Bowl." Roberts declared that "the sound and sensation of being surrounded by so many fans singing along to 'Suit & Tie' was irrefutable evidence of the power of music." He added that it wasn't just the crowd in the 60k-capacity venue who were grooving and singing along, but the staff too—from the cotton-candy vendors to the security guards. (7/30a)