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Trial update

TRIAL UPDATE: AEG Live’s defense team turned to sex and drugs and poking holes in an attempt to refute the testimony of an expert hired by Jackson family lawyers who claimed Michael Jackson would’ve earned another $1.5 billion from world tours had he not died. “Entertainment consultant” Eric Briggs was paid $700k to testify that MJ’s Q score, or likability rating, would have negatively impacted his earnings potential resulting from "significantly negative headlines, drug abuse and other issues," CNN reports. Of course, that conclusion runs counter to the boasts of AEG execs before his death that Jackson's 50 scheduled London dates had sold out in record time, with enough demand to sell out another 50 shows. The defense will next call Jackson's youngest brother Randy, his oldest sister Rebbie and ex-wife Debbie Rowe, hoping to get revelations about Jackson's drug use—but first plaintiffs’ attorney Brian Panish will grill Briggs about his conclusions. According to the judge, the trial could take another six weeks. (7/30a)