HITS Daily Double

Buddy Guy and RCA guys

NIPPER IS A HELLHOUND: RCA bigwigs Joe Riccitelli, Tom Corson and Peter Edge cozy up to each other and to Buddy Guy on the occasion of his 77th birthday and the release of his first-ever double set, Rhythm & Blues. So why does the plaque they’re presenting him have a big 50 on it? That’s how many years the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has been in the biz, and it’s also roughly the number of albums he’s made. To the right of the blues legend are album producer Tom Hambridge, manager Michael “Max” Maxson and RCA SVP A&R David Wolter. After accepting the plaque, Guy was overheard asking, “Hey Max, which one of these dudes is Michael Dornemann?” (7/31a)