HITS Daily Double

Katy Perry PrismLights Map

LET THERE BE LIGHT: Katy Perry and the team at Capitol are enjoying some fun promotional strategies for her album PRISM. Who could forget the gold semi truck? Now, Katy Cats, we present her PrismLights map. Katy has said that this album was originally going to have a dark tone, but instead she decided to make it about letting the light in. The online map is connected to Instagram and fans are encouraged to post pictures answering the question, "What or who is the light in your life?" Participators should then include the image's related story, tag their location and finish it off with the hash tag #KatyUnconditionally. Once uploaded, the post connects with her map, allowing the public to see all of the stories printed in bold over the image presented in a kaleidoscope fashion. The countries of the map are shaped like prisms and grow brighter as more posts are uploaded. Get all warm and fuzzy for the holidays, why doncha? (11/27a)