HITS Daily Double

McCarroll to WB

BURBANK UPDATE: Warner Bros. Records today announced the appointment of Dan McCarroll as President. McCarroll’s responsibilities will include helping to forge creative strategy for the label and overseeing all A&R activities. Effective January 1, he will report to Chairman & CEO, Cameron Strang. “It gives me great pleasure to welcome Dan to Warner Bros. Records,” said Strang. “Enormously admired and respected throughout the music community, Dan brings a rare combination of talent and experience to our company. An accomplished musician, publishing executive, A&R man, and label head, Dan has a deep understanding of artists and record making. He is the perfect fit for our music-driven mission at Warner Bros., and I’m looking forward to working closely with him as we deliver more great records from the incredible artists on the Warner Bros. label.” (12/20p)

DAN HOPS TO THE BUNNY: Dan McCarroll has been tapped as the new President of Warner Bros. Records. The appointment of McCarroll, who's been President of Capitol since 2010, is the latest move in Warner Chairman Cameron Strang's strategic renovation. Prior to his tenure at the Tower, McCarroll served as an EVP at EMI Music Publishing; he also served a short sentence at the HITS cesspool (for which we are eternally grateful). Look for a detailed story at the top of the year, when we and everyone else might actually have recharged from our holiday break and can summon the energy to care about anything. (12/19p)