HITS Daily Double

I.B. Bad part 2 tease

THE SAGE: During his second full year as commander in chief, Doug Morris led Sony Music to a solid 30.2% overall share, as inspired performances from the SME’s two flagship labels nearly offset the absence of new music from Adele. Morris, who’s having a very merry Christmas, also found the time to moonlight on Broadway as the sole investor in the wildly successful show Motown: The Musical. Sony’s solid year was topped off by the surprise 12/13 release of a new Beyoncé album that sold a stunning 618k in its first three days as an iTunes exclusive, putting it at #24 on the year, though it’s sure to go much higher before all is said and done. So notes our own I.B. Bad in the second installment of his year-end wrap-up, this one focused entirely on Sony's 2013. Check it out here. (12/23a)