HITS Daily Double

Box Office

YOUR WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Captain America just got his ass kicked by a bunch of women. Fox's Cameron Diaz-Leslie Mann comedy The Other Woman bowed atop the box office this weekend with a healthy $24.7m, knocking the Marvel superhero from his three-week perch. Attracting a 75% female and largely older-skewing audience, the rom-com offers a powerful reminder that a huge portion of the moviegoing audience is typically underserved. The Top 5's other debut, the crime actioner Brick Mansions, is noteworthy as the final film of star Paul Walker. While not quite a brick, it seems unlikely to buy anyone a mansion at this rate.

1. The Other Woman Fox $24.7m 3,205/$7,707 (debut)
2. Captain America: The Winter... Disney $16m (-37%) 3,620/$4,433 (week 4)
3. Heaven Is for Real TriStar $13.8m (-39%) 2,705/$5,102 (week 2)
4. Rio 2 Fox $13.6m (-38%) 3,703/$3,686 (week 3)
5. Brick Mansions Relativity $9.6m 2,647/$3,627 (debut)

Heaven Is for Real, which (we shit you not) is about a little boy who has a near-death experience and returns to tell his pastor dad that Jesus has a pony in heaven, has racked up more than four times what it cost to make in just two weeks. Draw what conclusions you will about human credulity. Oh, and Frozen has passed the $400m mark and is somewhere around $1.13 billion worldwide—making it the sixth-highest-grossing film ever—so that's a lot. (4/28a)