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Bartels Bites Back

BARTELS BITES BACK: After the UMG East reshuffle that saw his Def Jam become a standalone label, Steve Bartels has enjoyed back-to-back successes. We're talking two overperforming debuts, first by hip-hop vocalist August Alsina, who racked up a 64k, #2 bow last week, and now with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, who's got her own #2 debut this week with 55k. Iggy's New Classic is powered by the breakout radio and retail success of her single "Fancy" (which is now #3 at iTunes, while Classic is #4 on the album side; the song is Top 10 at Rhythm radio and #2 on Shazam's overall chart). It's a welcome hot streak for the label chief as the Big East's new world order takes shape. (4/29p)