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Market watchers on Beats-Apple

SAY "SYNERGIES" ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME: What are financial types saying about the Apple-Beats pact? CNN notes that while skepticism reigned a short time ago, the market seems bullish just now (as Apple’s 12-point stock uptick earlier today underscored). Global EquitiesTrip Chowdhry calls the deal Apple’s smartest move in three years, anticipating huge growth (“easily” 20m in 18 months) in subscribers for Beats Music. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster noted Jimmy and Dre would be a boon on the content side, while Janney’s Bill Choi looked ahead to “significant cross-selling synergies of Beats products with Apple’s very music-friendly devices” but even moreso to the advantage of the “music connections” Jimmy-Dre bring to the table. Others saw the content piece as a significant lure for global customers to buy Apple devices. While Apple hasn’t banished cynicism from the Wall St. set, the music we’re hearing thus far is mostly in a major key. (5/29p)