HITS Daily Double

Box Office

YOUR WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Paramount’s latest Transformers spectacle achieved the biggest opening of the year this weekend—a cool $100 million—knocking Godzilla from his scaly perch. Draw what conclusions you will about humanity. Of course, global revenues are what this one’s all about; the flick’s raked in $80m overseas so far. Meanwhile, action-bromance sequel 22 Jump Street, despite earning 15% of what Michael Bay’s robots did, is on track to earn triple what it cost to make in just one month.

  1. Transformers: Age… Paramount $100m 4,233/$23,624 avg. (debut)
  2. 22 Jump Street Sony $15.4m (-44%) 3,426/$4,495 avg. (week 3)
  3. How to…Dragon 2 Fox $13.1m (-47%) 3,750/$3,493 avg. (week 3)
  4. Think Like a Man 2 S. Gems $10.4m (-64%) 2,225/$4,674 avg. (week 2)
  5. Maleficent Disney $8.2m (-36%) $3,073/$2,680 avg. (week 5)

Two platformed new releases, John Carney’s music-centered rom-com Begin Again and Bong Joon-Ho’s buzzing sci-fi adventure Snowpiercer, earned hefty audience averages (29k and 20k, respectively) in a handful of venues. (6/30a)