HITS Daily Double


BROADWAY THE HITS WAY: The Broadway revival of Edward Albee's A Delicate Balance, starring luminaries Glenn Close and John Lithgow, broke the box office record at the Golden Theatre in its first week of previews, raking in $885k (102.25% gross potential) in eight performances at full capacity. The previous record was held by Driving Miss Daisy with $733k in 2010. Is that show business or what? Get the full list of the Big Apple moneymakers below:

1. The Lion King $1.85m
2. The Book of Mormon $1.61m
3. Wicked $1.49m
4. Aladdin $1.38m
5. It's Only A Play $1.38m
6. Beautiful $1.32m
7. Kinky Boots $1.26m
8. Motown the Musical $1.11m
9. A Delicate Balance $885k
10. A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder $881k

Meanwhile, the new Sinead O'Connor musical, I Still Haven't Got What I Never Wanted Anyway, Ya Bastard, was dubbed "a delightfully surreal romp" by the Vatican Times. (10/27p)