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"We’ve given our profiles a new look and feel that will improve the artist to fan interaction."
—-MySpace Music statement


New Artist Profiles Offer More Songs, Features, Cleaner Look, Improved Fan Interaction
MySpace Music is cleaning house.

In fact, the site has launched what it’s calling the “next generation of artist profiles,” based on feedback it received from musicians, fans and designers worldwide.

“We’ve given our profiles a new look and feel that will improve the artist to fan interaction,” read a statement from the company. “The new profile is designed to enhance, yet simplify. the experience for friends and fans visiting your profile.”

The new navigation seems more intuitive, with music, photos, videos, tour dates and other information accessible through customized tools which enable the user to personalize the site.

Some of the new features include:

*The ability to upload more songs, featuring up to 25 on your profile

*Cleaner, more simple look

*Dozens of new themes in the theme gallery

*Tools to create a custom marquee header

*Easier navigation with all assets in one place

*Option to create a unique profile design for photos, videos, and other pages

MySpace promises the changes will “facilitate better artist to fan interaction, allowing your fans to stay more engaged on your pages for longer periods of time in a way that was never available before.”

Is it enough to counteract the prevailing opinion that Fox has totally bungled the ball on MySpace, losing precious digital momentum to Facebook and Twitter? Who knows, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

For examples of new MySpace Music artist pages, check the following early adopters: Lady Antebellum, Brandon Flowers, Silversun Pickups, OutKast, Bruno Mars, Trace Adkins, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Decemberists, Imogen Heap and Colbie Caillat.