HITS Daily Double
Will Adele be able to sing? If not, Neil Portnow better polish up his song-and-dance act.


HITS’ Fearless Pundits Lenny Beer and Roy Trakin Show No Actual Expertise in This, but They Keep Trying Anyway
Trakin: This is looking like perhaps the most anti-climactic Grammy show in history.
Is there any chance that Adele won't win Record, Song and Album?

Beer: I tend to agree.... Adele Adele Adele Adele and let's go home. This one will be all about Ken Ehrlich and the performances.

Trakin: So hard to predict the Best New Artist category after last year's Esperanza Spalding fiasco. They seem to give it to who they want. The Academy showed a lot of love to Bon Iver this year... Does that carry over?

Beer: I strongly feel that Nicki Minaj should win, but nominating Skrillex in this category may be a nod that the Grammy people are going all the way with it.

Trakin: Exactly... I'm smelling a Skrillex upset. The Band Perry? The only real country act represented in the Top Four. They could be a sleeper.

Beer: Last year we all went “WHAT” when Esperanza was nominated and never considered her a serious factor. The Band Perry is incredibly talented and yes the only Nashville player here... but…

Trakin: Well, is Nicki Minaj your final pick? Can I lock you in?

Beer: Yes, I am going with Nicki…

Trakin: You may be right... She makes for the best TV, doesn't she?

Beer: It is an odd concept, I admit, going with the most deserving nominee.

Trakin: Let's go to the Pop categories... Looks like a clean sweep for Adele here. Best Pop Duo or Group, though, is interesting. Tony Bennett going against The Black Keys, Coldplay, Foster the People and Maroon 5. Does Tony hold off the young’uns?

Beer: What a bizarre grouping... I am picking Skrillex here.

Trakin: That's not fair... But this is an intriguing category. I'm thinking Tony, but I'd love to see the Keys or Foster take this.

Beer: How can you possibly compare Tony Bennett with Black Keys.... bizarro world????

Trakin: Welcome to the Grammys. Your pick, Senor Clipper?

Beer: Tony Bennett because of the Amy Winehouse factor.

Trakin: Let's go over to Rock, shall we? Best Rock Performance: Coldplay, The Decemberists, Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, Radiohead... This is a tough one.
Beer: I'm taking Mumford. The Grammys owe them some wins…

Trakin: I'm thinking Foo Fighters, only because they also have the Album of the Year nod.

Beer: But this is a singles category.

Trakin: How about Best Rock Album? Jeff Beck, Foos, Kings of Leon, Chili Peppers, Wilco?

Beer: Foos here

Trakin: Yeah, agreed... Best Alternative? Bon Iver, Death Cab, Foster the People, My Morning Jacket, Radiohead? Gotta be Bon Iver, based on the "if they grab a major nomination, they win the genre" theory.

Beer: Peppers album is a disappointment, KOL not their year, Wilco maybe.... Jeff Beck is old. Doesn't Radiohead always win?

Trakin: Can't discount the sudden Bon Iver love.

Beer: The love is from the Grammy committee, let's see if that carries over at all.

Trakin: You may be right on that... So you're going Radiohead?

Beer: Yes, Radiohead. Not because I like this project, but because they always win.

Trakin: Let's pick Best R&B Album... Chris Brown, El DeBarge, R. Kelly, Ledisi, Kelly Price... You got a preference here? Grammy favorite Ledisi here? Two bad boys, an old school act and a pair of soul divas.

Beer: I think Ledisi is genius.

Trakin: Mmmmm... Is this Chris Brown’s time for redemption? That's my guess. On the “it’s good for the TV show” theory.

Beer: I guess we will see.

Trakin: Here's one for you. I know you're a big hip-hop fan... Rap Album? Watch the Throne, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Nicki Minaj or Kanye West? You're a big Lil Wayne guy, right?

Beer: Yes, I take Wayne

Trakin: Imma voting for Watch the Throne.... Just a hunch. Two for the price of one.

Beer: My second choice for sure

Trakin: Best Folk Album is kinda interesting... The Civil Wars, Steve Earle, Fleet Foxes, Eddie Vedder and Gillian Welch.

Beer: Actually a great category. I will take The Civil Wars

Trakin: I’d like to see them pull it off....

Beer: And I’d love to see them on the stage. For Best Dance, I am going Skrillex.

Trakin: That’s a leap. Any opinion on Producer of the Year? Danger Mouse, Paul Epworth, The Smeezingtons, Ryan Tedder, Butch Vig? Do Epworth or Tedder ride the Adele wave, or split the vote?

Beer: I have no guess.

Danger Mouse's production on the Black Keys is my favorite. Case closed.

Beer: No clue here.

Trakin: OK, so we'll go to a final category you know something about. Comedy. Weird Al, Patton Oswalt, Louie C.K., Kathy Griffin, Lonely Island... You're a Louie C.K. fan, right?

Beer: Yes, I am and that is my vote... Louie CK.

Trakin: Gotta go for Lonely Island... It's about comedy and music with them. Andy Samberg's genius digital shorts on SNL. I like Weird Al, too. One final Grammy prediction, boss... Will Adele be able to sing? If not, Neil Portnow better polish up his song-and-dance act.

Beer: I hope so (probably not as much as Ken Ehrlich does), let's send her some great holiday vibes. Neil's high school band The Savages can fill the slot.